Friday, 8 October 2010

Marsh & Reed Warbler identification

On 05/10 I ringed at Tzor'a Valley Ringing Station a Marsh Warbler and a few Reed Warblers. Low numbers allowed me enough time to create this side-by-side slideshow, enjoy! Both are 1cy.

Head and bill pattern

Tongue spots

Notch on 2nd P

Wing formula

Hind-claw colour

Other ID signs: Only weak or no tongue spots are present on 1cy Marsh Warblers, contrary to 1cy Reed Warblers that have bold dark tongue spots. Wing-length is typically different too, Marsh Warbler = 69.0 mm, Reed Warbler = 66.5 mm.

A few nice birds from Tzor'a Valley and JBO:

Swallow ringing

Sand Martin

Collared Flycatcher - female

Sardinian Warbler - male

Sardinian Warbler - female