Sunday, 22 August 2010

The yellow wags are here!

Last weekend I ringed at Tzor'a Valley Ringing Station. On Thursday (19/8) Yotam and myself ringed for the first time this autumn in the Alfalfa fields. This time of year Yellow Wagtail migration pick up fast, and they clearly prefer the Alfalfa fields for refueling. This important crop replaces ancient marshes and meadows that do not exist anymore, as it damp and full of maggots and caterpillars - perfect for wagtails, pipits and other field birds. This time we ringed only 9 wagtails. It was a little too early in the season, with only 150 wagtails present in the field. For a good ringing session we need about 2000 wagtails in the field, which will for sure happen in the coming days. 'feldegg' is the first form to pass through. Later on in September we will get many more forms mixed together.

Yellow Wagtail

On Friday (20/8) I ringed around the Tzor'a reservoir and caught 70 birds. Most were migrants: Little Bittern, Common Kingfishers (8), Reed (33), Great Reed (6) and Clamorous Reed (1) Warblers, Savi's Warblers (4) and more. This was my first real autumn ringing session of the season in Tzor'a. The coming days will bring for sure larger numbers and more exciting species.

Great Reed Warbler