Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Rehab birds are so easy to ring…

This summer Ohad Hatzofe (NPA) and myself started monitoring terns breeding in Israel. We are marking adult Common and Little Terns with colour rings. Most of our work takes place in the Carmel Coast tern colonies. Last night we failed to catch any Common Terns in the Hula Nature Reserve colony, but had some luck early in the morning back at Ma'agan Michael.

We had more success with larger beasts. We ringed and released in the lake three rehabilitated White Storks and one White Pelican that were found wounded. In Israel most of the ringed 'big-birds' are rehabilitated individuals, treated in the NPA Wildlife Hospital. In addition to a metal ring the pelican was marked with a colour ring and a wing tag. Most of our recovered pelicans come from the Danube Delta in Romania, but we have two old recoveries from Iran! I expect to get regards from our 'X34' from interesting destinations.