Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mt. Hermon annual ringing session

Every summer most of Israel's ringers meet on Mt. Hermon, for the annual ringing session. Mt. Hermon is the highest mountain in Israel (2272 m ASL on the Israeli part of the mountain), with unique weather, flora and fauna. We have been monitoring bird populations on Mt. Hermon since the late 1970's. Our ringing session takes place in a major drinking site, and most birds coming in to drink are seed-eating passerines. The main species are Syrian Serin, Linnet, Goldfinch, Rock and Black-headed Bunting, and many other Hermon specialties such as Sombre Tit and Western Rock Nuthatch.

Rock Bunting

Syrian Serin

Black-headed Bunting

Sombre Tit


This ringing session was highly successful, with many old friends and good birds. Thanks to all.