Sunday, 17 July 2011

Desert Passerines at Judean Desert

On July 12th I returned to my regular ringing site in the Judean Desert for the  first time this summer. My main aims of this ringing activity are to study the identification and moult patterns of desert passerines, especially Striolated Bunting but others too. I caught 16 birds: 13 Striolated Buntings (one recapture from last year), 1 Sinai Rosefinch and 2 Desert Larks - all rather scruffy-looking during their post-breeding or juv. moult. At first light we heard a Hume's Owl calling from the cliffs above the spring. Around the spring we had all the regular animals and birds of Judean Desert: Eurasian Griffon, Egyptian Vulture, Sand Partridges, Little Green Bee-eaters, Rock Martins, White-crowned Wheatears, Tristram's Grackles, Nubian Ibexes and Golden spiny Mouse (only Leopard was missing…).

Sinai Rosefinch - first summer male

Striolated Bunting - male

Striolated Bunting - post-breeding complete moult

Striolated Bunting - female

Dead sea

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Thanks to Eli for the important help.