Monday, 28 February 2011

My Song Thrush was eaten in Cyprus!

I received a report about one of my Song Thrushes that I ringed on 23/12/2009 at Tzoraa valley Ringing Station. Unfortunately it was killed by a hunter near Lefkara, Cyprus (375 km). This is the first Israeli control of a Song Thrush.
We have a few recoveries of hunted migrants from Cyprus every year; most were Bee-eaters, Blackcaps and Spanish Sparrows. Illegal bird hunting in the Mediterranean basin is a significant problem for migratory bird population crossing the Mediterranean. Have a look at this report from BirdLife illustrating the problem.

This specific bird was ringed in a big Chaffinch roost. This winter roost hosts tens of thousands of Chaffinch and few hundred thrushes. Until now, I ringed about 9,000 birds in the roost - this is only my first recovery (!). I was hoping for a Chaffinch control, as Israel has no Chaffinch recoveries yet, and I hope it comes soon.