Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Desert moult

Yesterday morning (05/08) I ringed in my regular site in the Judean Desert - Ein Salvadora. I was joined by Francis, Yael and Yotam. We had a nice catch, including 2 Sinai Rosefinches, 1 Trumpeter Finch, 3 Desert Larks, 15 Striolated Buntings and 1 Scrub Warbler. Most of the birds were in late stages of post breeding/juvenile moult.

Sinai Rosefinch - Post breeding moult

Scrub Warbler

In Tzor'a Valley the autumn is much more noticeable. One of the first true autumn birds in Tzor'a is Kingfisher; on 27/07 we ringed 4 Kingfishers and in the surroundings were a few more. Other autumn birds were 2 Savi's Warblers and many Reed Warblers. This was a highly successful mourning with 132 birds caught. Last Friday we ringed less birds (78), including 6 Kingfishers. On 31/07 I had a Reed Warbler control, the bird was ringed in the Hula Valley on June 24rd (163 km).


Savi's Warbler