Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Another Common Tern report, now from Belarus!

I received a report about another Common Tern I ringed in Atlit in first week of May, found in Belarus in late May. This is another piece added to the puzzle, showing that a massive wave of European Common Terns passes through Israel in few days in early May. That night 06-07/05 I controlled a Common Tern from Poland, and another one from that night was found in Hungary in June and now comes this report from Belarus. Three controls from 105 Common Terns in one night is fantastic, given that part of those terns are from the breeding population.
This Common Tern was found in Svisloch River, Minsk - 2426 km NNW to Atlit.
Thanks to Tatiana Pavlushchick from Belarus Bird Ringing Center for the interesting report and to Dmitry Goncharov for the discovery and photos.