Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spring migration

Last days I worked at JBO and Tzor'a Ringing Station and ringed at last a few true migrants. The first Eastern Orphean Warbler for the season - an adult female. First Whitethroats, most females, but all very interesting regarding ageing; Blackcaps, first Lesser Whitethroat and Reed Warbler - I missed them for about four months.

Whitethroat - female

The wintering White Wagtails and Reed Bunting have become so beautiful by now; makes me wonder: why leave us when they are so beautiful, and return (in autumn) when they look so dull!?
This 2cy male Reed Bunting I ringed in November 2011 didn't look so attractive back then; I wish I could persuade it to stay and breed in Israel - so beautiful.

Reed Bunting - 2cy male

White Wagtail - male

Overhead migration included hundreds of Cranes and White Storks.

Reed Warbler

Greenfinch - adult female