Sunday, 30 October 2011

High efforts around reservoir

Last Friday (28/10) I ringed around the Tzor'a reservoir. Joined by many friends, we were an effective team with two 'A' ringers, four 'B' ringers and a few more 'C' ringers. We opened more net than usual, a total of 220 meters compared to an average of 100 meters that I normally use at this ringing site. A few nets had only two shelves but it's a similar effort to set them up. Our effort produced a nice catch; not great, but I can't complain. We caught 156 birds from 25 species, most were Bluethroats (48) and Phylloscopus warblers (37). These days most Acrocephalus warblers and Willow Warblers have left south and the next massive migrant, Chiffchaff, has not arrived yet in significant numbers.
So what we had except Bluethroats and Phylloscopus warblers:
Little Bittern (1), Water Rail (1), Moorhen (1), White Wagtail (1), Kingfisher (10), Stonechat (2), Whinchat (1), Moustached Warbler (3), Marsh warbler (1), Reed Warbler (18), Sedge Warbler (2), Great Reed Warbler (7), Clamorous Reed Warbler (1), Spanish Sparrow (6) and  Serin (2) - first this season; other regular stuff included Cetti's Warbler, Graceful Prinia, Blackbird, Spectacled Bulbul and Sardinian Warbler.


This is a nice period for birding in Tzor'a Valley. During ringing I saw a few raptors overhead, Long-legged Buzzard and Sparrowhawk, ducks and many herons in the reservoir, including at least one Purple Heron. As I drove out at the alfalfa I saw five Red-footed Falcons and many pipits.
Thanks to my dedicated team for their efforts this morning.