Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Poland - Israel - Hungary - Slovakia

Normally, information about controls are reported to the original ringing scheme, where the bird had been ringed. When a bird was controlled more than once or in more than one country, most ringing schemes produces a form with the life history of the bird. But if the story gets too long, the full information often reach back only to the original ringing scheme.
Recently we received an unusual report about a Black Stork 1P58, ringed in Poland in summer 2003 as pullus and first found in Israel in autumn 2008. Later this stork was reported also from Hungary (2010) as a breeding female, and from Slovakia (2011). This report is very interesting and reveals the global movements of these migrant populations, even without the use of a satellite transmitter.
Thanks to Pawel T. Dolata from Poland for sharing his data.

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