Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Mt. Hermon and more

Last Friday (15/11) we ringed on Mt. Hermon. It's the highest point in Israel and a very interesting site obtain data on northern and eastern species that are uncommon in Israel. My primary aim was to obtain moult data on Red-fronted Serins, that were seen there recently in good numbers. We ringed a total of 359 birds, most were Chaffinch; interesting species included 1 Radde's Accentor, 1 Red-fronted Serin and 3 Yellowhammers that are uncommon in Israel.

Radde's Accentor

Red-fronted Serin - juvenile

Yellowhammer - male

On Thursday I was surprised to find a Little Bunting in the net in Tzor'a. It's a good rarity in Israel, but it's a special year for this species and this is the 3rd found in Israel this autumn.

Little Bunting

I continue my work in Beit-Shean Valley, no great surprises in this area lately, but Dead-sea Sparrows are always nice to ring.

Dead-sea Sparrow

Thanks to Francis, Ron, Yael, Rafi and Amir for their help.