Thursday, 7 June 2012

Two days ago (05/06) I ringed at JBO, quite a poor morning. After two nice months of spring migration the silence in area is very jarring. I caught 15 birds, most were late migrants that probably won't make it anywhere. Apart from this, there were only few juveniles of breeding population species. Most migrants were found around our Mulberry Trees, with the last berries remaining on those trees.

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

After the moody report above, happier news came from Tzor'a. I ringed on Friday and discovered the fruits of a very successful breeding season. Eight nets for four hours produced a very busy morning. Most birds were Reed Warblers and Cetti's Warblers, but also present were other local species.
Compared to last year in same date and same nets:
2011: 44 birds, 2012: 84 birds
2011: 13 females with brood patch, 2012: 12 females with brood patch
2011: 7 fledglings, 2012: 27 fledglings
2011: 0.5 fledglings per breeding female, 2012: 2.3 fledglings per breeding female