Monday, 6 February 2012

Regards from Poland

In April 2009 I ringed in one of an important stopover site in southern Israel, Neot-Smadar - just N of Eilat, about 200 km S of my regular area. It was a short but very productive ringing session, only three ringing actions (morning-evening-morning) produce about 1000 birds ringed. These included two foreign controls: Barn Swallow from Greece and Blackcap from Hungary, and another Blackcap from Eilat Ringing Station was recaptured. Last week I received another reminder to the importance of that site, as I received a report from Poland about another Blackcap that was found dead in eastern Poland - 2700 km N.
After a rainy week, I ringed on Friday (03/02). The catch included many Spectacled Bulbuls, 1 Starling, 3 Linnets and other winter birds.